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How to fix Email links in Firefox

Monday, June 18th, 2012

In Firefox.Firefox

1. Go to Tools > Options
2. Select the Applications tab.
3. Scroll down the list till Content Type shows mailto.
4. Cick on mailto and then a drop down menu will appear in the Action section.
5. Select Use Gmail. [or your preferred client]
6. Click on OK.

Now, if you click on a web page with a link for someone to send you an email it will open up the Google sign in page:

1. Enter your username, which for the University of Sheffield Google account is always your full University email address ie. (NOT and your University password.
2. It then returns a page which looks like the original Sign in page with your username entered and the password field blank.
3. Underneath the blank password field it says To sign in with this account, click Continue.
4. Click the blue Continue box.
5. This takes you to a page which looks like our regular MUSE login page. However, if you re-enter your username and password it will bring up a Compose email page with the address already entered.