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Good News for students taking accounting modules

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

We’ve been listening to your concerns about accessing the “Understand…” series of computer aided learning materials and have upgraded the licenses to allow you 24/7 access from everywhere.

You Said
We Did
MSc HRM students struggle with the Accounting Modules
We directed you to Computer Aided Learning Apps: Understand Management Accounting, Understand Bookkeeping and Understand Taxation
We like the “Understand Accounts” Series of Apps, but we can’t always access the University Network easily
We upgraded the licenses so that these can be integrated into MOLE, from 2012-13
If you are studying a relevent module and feel you would benefit from access to these, simply ask your module leader to deploy them
We want to be able to access these while away from Sheffield
These will be available to you from anywhere, if you can access MOLE