The Management School and the Dept of Economics use the following systems.  You can click on links for further information.

  • Email.  We recommend the Thunderbird Mail Client for reading your mail and RSS feeds at your OWN pc, when you are using a shared pc, we recommend that you access your email via webmail.
  • Teaching and Learning.  We use MOLE (My Online Learning Environment)  For Assignment submissions you will need to create and print a barcoded coversheet.
  • Document Management and Portal. For shared documents and for accessing all University services we use a Portal called MUSE, (My University of Sheffield Environment)
  • Documents.  We Use MS Office as standard for creating and editing documents.
  • Passwords.  Your password is potentially valuable to hackers, we recommend that you change it regularly.
  • Plagiarism Detection.  We use (which is a UK adaptation of Turnitin) See also Specific Information for Students(Word Doc)